Celebrating the Awareness of PBM Therapy for Pain Management

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Animal Pain Awareness Month The International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) educates and informs pet owners about their pet’s health and well-being when it comes to pain management, be it acute or chronic pain. IVAPM has proclaimed September as Animal Pain Awareness Month, and this coincides with human medicine’s Pain Awareness Month.

Photobiomodulation Therapy, unlike high intensity lasers, does not injure tissue but stimulates the healing process. Pharmaceuticals which are used by pain management clinics, simply mask pain and other symptoms but do not cure the underlying pathology.

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This process is beneficial to your patients because it produces outcomes outcomes such as the alleviation of pain or inflammation, modulation of the immune system and the promotion of wound healing and tissue regeneration. The term photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy is now being used by researchers and DCs.

PBM Therapy’s role in effectively managing pain and reducing the need for opioids, is being embraced by an expanding number of policy officials, scientists, and healthcare professionals. The legions of patients whose lives have been saved using light therapy are building the case for adopting this innovative technology.

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Conclusions. Keys to ensuring optimal selection of a PBM partner include a strong understanding of industry trends, keen awareness of PBM business practices, effective strategies to protect a plan’s best interests, and a commitment to forego simple spreadsheet analyses in assessing PBM options.

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Photobiomodulation research on the therapy offers help to a wide range of. to drugs and surgery) is also known as “photobiomodulation” (PBM) – meaning that light. “At first used mainly for wound healing and pain relief, the medical.. use for National drug-free pain management awareness month.

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