Federal data identifies how long you can expect to live, all based on where you live

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Based on current estimates, a 65 year old man can expect to live approximately 18 years in retirement, and a 65 year old woman can expect to live about 20 years, but many people live longer. Planning to live well into your 90s can help you avoid outliving your income.

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A new study has found that how long Americans live depends on where they live. Researchers at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation or IHME at the University of Washington in Seattle.

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When you are deciding when to start receiving retirement benefits, one important factor to take into consideration is how long you might live. According to data we compiled: A man reaching age 65 today can expect to live, on average, until age 84.0. A woman turning age 65 today can expect to live, on average, until age 86.5.

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